Dagr Vasud Nebula - The second long mission of the GERMANIA

This is the story of the second long mission of the GERMANIA. Here you will find only the most important stories which happend during this mission. Some other events which took place during that time can be found elsewhere on this homepage (if you want to know all about, we recommend the newletters of the GERMANIA).

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A New Mission

On Stardate 9808.26 the GERMANIA received the order to discontinue frontier patrol maneuvers in Province XI and to report to Outpost Khazara in preparation of their next mission. Upon successful completion of the mission, the GERMANIA should return to their prior posting.
As soon as possible after tr'Médus (the C.O.) did receive that transmission, he informed his crew, and gave his orders. Whether he gave out all information or all orders were in line with what he was told - that's to be found out.
For sure he did inform his First Officer Aquina Témak about everything. And then they did go to Grasland (the ship's bar).

Ioánnis: Let's take one of the small private tables, so we can discuss the newest situation.
Aquina: I would prefer a seat on the bar. There's everything open. Noone can hide there behind the plants.
I: OK, as you like it.
A: Met!
I: You know Aquina ... this Chief Medical Officer placed bugs everywhere...
A: ???
I: But fortunately I know how to jam this things ...
A: ???
Ioánnis places a small round device on the bar.
I: I know this ship like the back of my hand.

You know this Tal Shiars really drive me mad sometimes. Not only our Chief Med, but also this Shel'tar. - I will see what I can do to get rid off him. I'll use my conections so he might get his own Command.
A: About our mission .....
I: I am looking forward to meet them ...
I: Hope we will also find the missing Romulans! ...

The jamming device worked correctly, and as there were not too many Romulans in the bar, the conversation remained rather private. Although, there seemed to be a little problem tr'Médus had with his First Officer concerning his plans, as the discussion grew louder and louder and more passionate.

Personal Log #1 of Senior Decurion Tolok

I was at my quarters when the High Command gave us the order to fly to a starbase ... . My hope was to get another chance to be again of high value for the Empire. That was not probable since I cancelled the job as Liason Officer. The problem was, noone had a new assignment for me. So I was commanded for Special Services of all kind on board of the Germania.
As our Commander gave us only a few informations, I hope we can get more informations at the base.

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At Outpost Khazara

Nothing too special happened on the way to Outpost Khazara.

When the Germania arrived, informations which were already given to the engineering personnel, were now given to the whole crew:
After a refit, the GERMANIA will proceed to the Dagr Vasud Nebula in Sector 1 of Province I. ...
The Germania's sensors are to be adjusted to a .007 level rating to harmonize with the outer limits of the Nebula. This, coupled with shield modifications, will allow the GERMANIA to penetrate the Nebula and remain there for a maximum of 5 hours. Remaining longer is not recommended as continued buffeting by ion waves will strain the shields. The cloaking device will be rendered inoperable as long as remaining within the nebula. ...

After docking procedure completed, tr'Médus met Station Commander tr'Twih in his office.
tr'Médus:... Greetings tr'Twih!
tr’Twih:Fair morning to you, tr'Médus.
tr’M.:May I invite you and your senior officers abord the GERMANIA for a small banquet? As a taste a brought this bottle of Met along ...
tr’T.:I would be honored to join you this evening. Things have been rather quiet in this sector.
tr’M.:My Engineering Department and your crew started already with the modifications. By the way, do you have any further orders for me and the Germania?
tr’T.:Yes, some weeks ago, I was stopped by what appeared to be a Tal Shiar officer. She asked some very penetrating questions about current events in the empire, especially those of a political nature. I called some reinforcements to have her arrested, but she seems to have eluded them...
tr’M.:I am happy that you accepted the invitation. Meet me 0-900 TARIM at the Lock. My Swiss Guard, I and my Senior Officers will escort you then to GRASLAND. - What kind of amusement do you have aboard your station?
tr’T.:We have various chance games and strategy games located behind the main lounge area, along with some of the finest of musicians in the Empire. Our recreation level provides a targeting range, and several holographic simulators. Programs include everything from laekh-ae’rl to survival and/or battle scenarios.
[tr'Medus raises an eyebrow - surprise or merely interest, one can rarely tell which]
tr’Twih:Officers not only leave this station rested, they are also prepared for whatever may occur.

Oh sorry, I forgot, you where talking about a Tal Shiar officer who did disappear - well, it's always the same with this Tal Shiar boys and girls. Don't you have anything more specific?

I'm afraid I don't. It seems that she covered her tracks quite well for someone who was here on a transient basis. I believe she may have had help from someone among my staff.

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Stardate 9812.15

At the Station Lock at 0-900 TARIM, SubCommander tr'Médus and his officers welcome Station Commander tr'Twih.


Good evening Commander tr'Twih, may I introduce you to my First Officer Senior Centurion Témak, my Chief Medical Officer Ante-Centurion t'Mikhon, my "Captain" of "my Swiss Guard" Senior Decurion Témik and Senior Decurion Nimoka T'Ellyn Head of the Service Department. She will be responsible for our dinner.
tr'Twih:(nods to each in turn) It is an honor to meet you. I am sure the dinner will be more than satisfactory.
tr'M.:Do you like to go directly to Grasland, or do you want to see somethingelse aboard the GERMANIA first?

I am most interested in seeing firsthand this fine ship that has such a reputation within the fleet.
- Perhaps following dinner?

(raises his eyebrows, looks at tr'Twih) If you think you are still on your own two feet after it.
- - - It's fine to me. - Let's go dinner.
Tr'Médus turns around and starts walking. Tr'Twih walks beside tr'Médus, the others are following.
During the walk:
tr'Médus:As you might know t'Mikhon is also the Provincial Representative of the Tal Shiar for Provinces 11 to 14
tr'T.:I see. I'm certain she will be of assitance in tracking down this Tal Shiar officer of whom we spoke.
tr'M.:If you think so ...


I hope some of my other officers will meet us for dinner, for example our Chief Engineer and/or the Leader of our Shuttle Group. At the moment they are still at duty. Hopefully they can also tell us how the reconfigurations gets along. Also you may meet Warrant Centurion Varel t'Madaar, Head of the Cultural & Historical Department. Maybe our Security Chief too, but he's quite busy with a new Princeps, who just came aboard.

The group passes the quarters of the crew, where t'Madaar is just acknowledging the arrival of her boxes from the Valkyrie.

tr'Médus:Tr'Twih, I'm glad to introduce you to Warrant Centurion Varel t'Madaar, our new head of Cultural & Historical Department.
They salute. In the same moment a face framed by black hair looks out of the quarter shiely.
t'Madaar:Come out, Rhan. Greet the Commander and our guests!
The eyes of the boy began to shine and he salutes to the officers as if he had trained it a long time. Then he lookes up to his mother waiting for applause. She strokes his hair with a smile.
t'Madaar:Now go to your room and clean it up.
When the boy went, t'Madaar looked up and saw into tr'Medus' eyes. He didn't seem to be very happy.
tr'Médus: I hope you will meet us at Grasland, when your are finished here. And first thing tomorrow moring, I will see YOU in my office.
t'Madaar:Yes, Sir.

After they left Varel t'Madaar, Aquina Témak takes a convenient moment to step beside tr'Médus, while Station Commander tr'Twih has a conversation with Devrah t'Mikhon about the recent "Tal Shiar affairs".
Aquina: (lowering her voice): Commander, could I talk to you for one minute? Alone.
tr'Médus: (A bit nerved.) What!?
(Both take a little distance to the others.)
Aquina: I thought we had the same opinion about a child on board? Did you know about that?
tr'Médus: No! And I am not going to discuss it now. Make your point!


I think a starship isn't the right place for a child. I was always glad about that fact! How can I do a good job, when such a little monster is crying and running around everywhere on the ship. It is a security risk. Children are curious. They go everywhere and touch everthing, especially when it is forbidden.
(With an undertone of irony) What's about the holodecks? Should we censor our programs or give age limits to them?
tr'Médus:Well, you have definitly a point there, but let me talk with t'Madaar first. And now back to business.
Aquina:Agreed. But please inform me about the result of the meeting.
tr'Médus:Sure you're my Number One ... - ... In Command of course.

Shortly afterwards the group arrived at Grasland.

Voices of the Germania: "Have you seen? Témak and tr'Médus on their way to the bar? ... That's happening quite often ... Yes ..., but this time they have been accompanied by a whole bunch of people."

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During the Dinner:

Temik:Met, sweet !
tr'Médus to Aquina:Did you know that our Swiss Guard Captain is a sissy?
Aquina:Did you know he was court martialed for met-mixing once?
tr'Médus:And did you know what's worse?
He did it for women! If someone does something aboard this ship for women, it's me! Am I right, or am I right!?
Temik to Baba R'Ella:Our Captain is already drunk, isn´t he? I´ve heard he called me a sissy tonight! Have you heard that too?
tr'Médus to Temik:You like it?
Temik: Yes, meal Swiss style.
tr'Médus to Aquina: I didn't talk about the meal.

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Some Personal Logs (done after the dinner)

Nimoka Balar T'Ellyn - Personal Log

First some words about my duty yesterday evening. In the afternoon I had prepared the replicator programs and tried to organize some fresh fruit and vegetables aboard Khazara Station for the galadinner. I managed to get some Terla-fruits as apetizers and there was even Mork and enough Umla-salad for all expected guests, so the necessary vitamins will not come from artificial powders today ... . Hoops, I nearly forgot to put some of tr'Médus famous Met in the frige - he would surely leave me here at Khazara Station if I had done so! Especially after he reminded me twice to be sure there would be enough extra-cold Met for the whole dinner ... My new assistant Baba R'Ella did a good job to serve our famous guest, Station Commander tr'Twih during the dinner, so I hadn't too much to do.

Something astonishing happened shortly after I met tr'Médus and all senior officers at station Lock Number 3 to welcome tr'Twih. Our new Chief of Cultural, t'Madaar brought her boy with her when she came aboard! - I never heard of something like this in my I life before - everybody knows that no children are allowed even to visit prototype vessels during missions not to speak about staying aboard... Nevertheless I (personally) hope tr'Médus won't tell her to leave the boy at Khazara, even if our mission might become dangerous and nobody will have the time to look after him and as it is no standard procedure to have children aboard of fleet vessels. I think it would be cruel to tear the two of them apart - t'Madaar looked so proud when Rhan saluted correctly to the Commanders in the corridor ... I really would like to know what tr'Médus will decide today, as he ordered t'Madaar to his office.

During the dinner, one major topic was the recent death of Empress Chi'Ran and her successor Aidoann t'Dhiemn. A toast was brought out to the new Imperial Praetor Ceridwen t'Ieithoedd, and to the rising glory of our empire.
Another was our mission - and speculations about Orion vessels we will possibly meet in the nebula. Well, we allways have more than enough emergency rations, so prisoners or freed hostages won't be a problem in that respect.

Today I have some hours off duty. I decided to enjoy some time in Khazara's pool and then stroll through the station. I hope there will not be any other orders for me until I come back from breakfast ...

Devrah t'Mikhon - Personal Log

I arrived almost in time abord the station. Now it's past midnight but I am everything but tired. The adrenaline-level in my blood must be higher than the daily Met consumption of Commander tr'Médus - too many things happened, well, the Tal Shiar are always busy. Dawn, they found out about the Tal Shiar Officer. (She will need a lot of relations and channels to save her life). I hope, I'll never fail, I couldn't live with such a shame. But what shall I do now? What can I do?

Oh, Elements. It's not the right time to torture my head with those thoughts now. I'm sure as the elements do exist Commander tr'Médus will punish me with living nightmares when I'm late for tomorrows meeting.

Trying to get some sleep now...

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Office of tr'Médus - The Morning After (the dinner)

Tr'Médus is sitting in his chair behind the desk - fighting against headaches. The doorbell rings.
tr'Médus: ... COME !!!
Ahhh, t'Madaar. Well ! It's not the first time you serve aboard this ship, RIGHT!
I believe, I have been quite clear what I think about children. And what has been discusssed during the dinner last night: "Boy go to your room." - To his room??? - YOU have but only ONE room. So! Explain!
t'Madaar: ........ .....

A bit later on - the same moring - Germania, briefing room:

Devrah enters the conference room. She gave a thankful look at Nimoka Balar, who woke her right in time to be just a few minutes late. The look Commander tr'Médus gave her was rather disapproving than friendly.

tr'Médus:Well, did you finally find us? Well, than you might also be able to find this Tal Shiar buddy of yours???
I had just informed the others about the discussion I had with t'Madaar. This ... child ... will stay. Anyone - ESPECIALLY t'Maadar - will keep an eye on, so the child won't be found, where is absolutly no place for children. AND make sure I will see this child a MINIMUM.
Any comments? DEVRAH !? ............ Aquina? ........... Someoneelse?
Devrah: Excuse me, Sir. I don't agree with your decision. Is it final?
tr'Médus: (A short and definitiv ) YES !
Devrah:Then I have to state an official complaint. A vessel like this is no place for a child. You'll agree, no one can guarantee the child isn't causing any trouble or even damage.
tr'Médus: The mother and you, AND also YOU, have to guarantee ME NO trouble!
Devrah:(tries to hide her anger ) Commander, my respect, but I'm not responsible to guarantee the childs absence. This is a warship. 'And not a not a kindergarten' (she adds in mind). My duties don't ... -
tr'Médus: (interrupts her impatiently ) Your duties DO NOW!
Devrah: Well, may I ask for your reasons then? Why shall this child stay?
tr'Médus: You may not ask, but you complaints are noticed.
Devrah:As you command, Commander. But I'll talk to t'Maadar in private once again.
tr'Médus:Do what ever you feel is necessary.
Devrah: I'll take you by you word. May I leave? Precautions have to be arranged.
tr'Médus: This briefing isn't over yet!
Devrah (already rising from her seat) sits down again. She exchanges glances with tr'Maadar who tries to hide her satisfaction.
tr'Médus: Has anyone else something to add to this matter?
Aquina: Well ... I think I have to go to Grasland immediately. This has been quite a shock for me. ....
tr'Médus:As I said before, this briefing isn't over yet.

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Somewhen later - other discussions

Temik:Aefvadh Aquina, Janus and Josh!
Let´s go to Grasland, we´ve got something to discuss.
Janus:I ´ll come with you.
Temik:There´s barely anything known about the Orions, furthermore, the Tal-Shiar reports ain´t no help either. But fact is: The Orion-Piratship is much smaller and weaker than our Germania!
Janus: One question please, what is the maximum Speed of the Orion-Piratship and what kind of weapons has the Ship?
Aquina: The maximum Speed is Warp 9,5 ! Weaponry: Standard phase disruptors
Orions are rather fond of suicide missions...especially when they are sent to decoy or divert. They will be using all their power as they know full well that they will not be returning.
Temik:In addition, we suppose that there is only a crew of about 30 pirats at the highest.
Slavegirls not included. Therefore I´d recommend a boarding commando of 15 warriors to take over the vessel. We´ll beam 5 warriors directly to the brigde and 5 to Engineering. After we have taken over the ship we´re gonna float it with some kind of gas to stun it´s crew. Now, the 5 remaining warriors aboard the Germania beam over and start searching the missing fellow romulans.
Janus:What do you do, if they have equipment against the gas? If only one Crewmember realizes what happens and he can selfdestruct the ship, our mission has failed.
Temik:Once located, they take all beeings back to the Germania. The pirates as well as the slavegirls are brought to the arrest cells. They might be useful later on. That´s pretty much it, what do you think? I´m perfectly aware of the fact that we might encounter some problems to beam over as we´re gonna be located in that Nebula. But, even though it is usually a problem, according to our logs there have been no malfunctions what so ever reported so far!

Devrah & tr’Médus

Devrah is on her way to Grasland when tr’Médus joined her. She had a short glance at Commander tr’Médus’ face and smiled.
Devrah: Still your headache?
tr'Médus: Not too bad.
Devrah: As soon as your duties allow it, I'll see you in sickbay.
tr'Médus: IF duties allows ...
Devrah: To give you an advice, Commander, don't drink this Klingon brandy again. It doesn't make you drunk, but it makes you sick.
tr'Médus: You are right. But you know, that's not my usual poison. But what should I have done? This Station Commander did bring it along.

I'll let him know my opinion. As Chief Medical Officer I should take care of the crew's health and readiness. You're herby ORDERED to sickbay. And make sure your duties allow it ... Commander (The last word is filled with overdone respect)

Don't feel to be too important. This is not a Federation vessel ... so ... I will come WHEN duties allows. Or do you wanna speak to me in your function as Tal Shiar representative? Nevertheless, I guess you know I don't fear the Tal Shiar. The Tal Shiar and I are old acquaintances.
Devrah: Is that meant as a challenge, Commander tr'Médus? You better fear the Tal Shiar. We are the pillars of the Empire.

DON'T challenge me. I AM the Commanding Officer aboard this ship. AND what do you mean with "pillar" - you wanted to say "pillow", didn't you. Tal Shiar is the pillow, and Fleet is the blanket - bigger and more important...
Devrah: Very well then, you are the Commander. As long as my superiors don't tell me otherwise I follow YOUR orders, but make sure it won't change.

In the evening, at the bar:

Nimoka:We have a lot of empty cargobays. We could change one into a playground for the child.
tr'Médus:(who had already a few drinks):Yeahhrrrr ....! That's a good idea ....! And then we are going to open the spacelock.
Aquina:(who didn't realize what tr'Médus said, as she had also quite some ...) I wanna playground, too.
Tr'Médus looks at Aquina, and doesn't know what to answer.

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Recreation at the station - Devrah & Nimoka

On the station Devrah is seeking some alternation. She wants to forget her duties for a moment. Thoughtlessly she is slendering along the station, unaware of Nimoka Balar coming towards her.

Nimoka:Good Morning, Centurion t'Mikhon!
Devrah:What?! Ah, Nimoka! It’s good to meet you. Did our Commander let you go?

Well, after I assured him that the bar has been cleaned after the last guest left yesterday night and that the bar will be open in time to have snacks after lunch, he gave me some hours off.
Devrah:Good. I'm glad to hear he takes care. Would you like to come along? Commander tr'Twih recommended the local aboraetum.
Nimoka:With pleasure. I planned to go there too today after a visit of the pool, but this can be changed.

They are walking silently for a moment. After a few minutes Devrah starts a new conversation.

Devrah:Yesterday, I met your aid for the very first time. An attractive young woman, open-minded, nearly curious and dutiful, isn’t she?
Nimoka:Yes, and I think Baba R'Ella loves to work with people - to listen to their problems and little secrets. Maybe you should try to recruit her for the Tal Shiar? Better not - that might destroy a relaxed atmosphere in the bar for which we work so hard. And I think the Commander wouldn't like that either. And yes, she is very attractive, many young officers already wait for her in the bar when she comes to work there - I hope they don't become too anoying for Baba R'Ella as she really does a good job in the bar. Now I am on my way to the pool - for me the bar is no place to relax - too crowdy. Perhaps you would like to join me after our visit in the arboraetum?
Devrah:I'm afraid, not at the moment. Commander tr'Twih ordered me to meet him in the aboraetum. It seems to be urgent. This Tal Shiar Officer who disappeared is till causing some trouble. So, maybe at a later time. Do we meet at the pool? (They enter the arboraetum.)
Nimoka:Sure. And as you are here to meet Commander tr'Twih, whom I see standing there under this huge sequoia tree (I wonder how they got it into the station, for it is too big for a normal freighter) I will leave you to your conversation. I hope the trouble with this Tal Shiar comrade of yours can be solved somehow.
If I can do something for you, just tell me, and as far it doesn't interfere with my duty aboard, I will try to help. See you at the pool. (Nimoka leaves Devrah.)

Some time later, Nimoka is just enjoying her bath in the whirl pool, Devrah enters the room looking thoughtfully. She turns her head towards Nimoka, nodding.

Nimoka:How about some relaxing minutes in this bubble pool?

I don't feel like relaxing, Nimoka. The conversation with Commander tr'Twih ... it seems we have more problems than solutions. And I fear this Tal Shiar incident will cause personal problems for myself - I have to be careful.
Nimoka:I hope the trouble will be solved soon, as the reconfigurations will be finished during the next two days?
Devrah:I heard some... rumours. The reconfigurations must be finished this very moment.

The next moment, they listen to an announcement made on the Germania and Khazara Station simultaneously:

Attention! Attention!
The modifications aboard the Germania are done! The ship is preparing to leave Khazara station! All Germania personnel has to return to the ship immediately. Personnel of the Khazara station has to leave the Germania. Departure will be as soon as all persons have returned to their duties!

A smile appears on Devrah's face.
Devrah:Well, I think, we can count on the engineering crew.
Nimoka:Astonishing. They already have done all the reconfigurations? The engineering crew and the science officers must have worked the whole time since we docked - without any break! Well, Devrah, I am sorry that I have to leave at once, but some of them might need my attention in Grasland.
Devrah:I'll see you later. I have to investigate one last possible evidence. Please informe the Captain I'll be there in time.
(In a more personal manner she adds:) You know his temper, Nimoka. He must have some Klingons in his relation.
Both leave the pool area to return to their duties.

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Devrah and Baba R'Ella

Devrah enters Grasland, few crewmember look up and turn away their faces again at once. Despite its large size, the deck seems crowded. All the tables are occupied, though few places remain free. Fortunately she finds a place, seats herself at the bar to write her reports without any disturbance and orders some drink.
With an astonished expression on her face Devra notices the new aid to T’Ellyn. Her name comes immediately to her mind.

Devrah: You're Baba R'Ella, right?
Baba_R'Ella: That's right. And you are Ante-Centurion t'Mikhon, the Chief Medical Officer and Tal Shiar Representative, aren't you? Can I do something for you? Do you like to have a drink? Maybe a glass of met?

Devrah nods silently, she is surprised how well-informed Baba R'Ella is. In a typical Tal Shiar manner she eyed the woman suspiciously:

Devrah: We've never met before and despite the fact you're knowing who I am. It seems to me you're a good observer....hm, or have you checked the crewmember list?
Baba R'Ella:I would never do something like this. But in the first point you're right, I am a good observer. But it's also amazing how much you're learning, when you're working in a bar. In their free time, people do like talking about almost everything. So it's easy to get informations.
Devrah: Interessting... Maybe the Tal Shiar should think about a new spying tactic: instead of working the blood out of a man's veins we should train our agents in... how do you call your business?...in being a bartender.

Her words weren't supossed to be a joke but Baba R'Ella's cheerful laughter filled the air.

Devrah: The Germania is a significant vessel. Was it your own decision to become a member of this crew? If not who is responsible for you being sent here?
Baba R'Ella: It was my own decision. I didn't want to stay any longer on Octagon Station and thought the Germania would be a good choice for a new beginning.
Devrah: Hm...Octagon is a respectable station. You must have had reasons to leave such a station. Something grave?
Baba R'Ella: Excuse me for not telling you. But it was something very personal (suddenly it seems as her face was covered with a shadow).

Devrah keeps silent. It is not that she respects Baba R'Ellas wish to keep the reasons for herself but she knows the barmaid wouldn't talk, the more pressure the less she would say. Devrah thinks: 'I would like to find out why she left. I think it's time to remind somebody that he owes me one favour ...'

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Arrival at Dagr Vasud Nebula

Shortly before the Germania is in sensor range of the Nebula:
tr'Médus to Brassciavillicus: As soon we drop out of Warp ... near the nebula ... all fighters are to be launched, like it is planned.

The Germania arrives at the Dagr Vasud Nebula. Immediatly after drop out of warp speed the Germania fighter shuttles are launched to protect the Germania. The Germania starts scanning the nebula.
The Shuttles, as they do not have the same sensor capabilities as the ship, even with the fine-tuning, will not sense anywhere near as much. The scanners on the shuttles detect multiple ion trails and evidence of disruptor fire. Nothing more. Only the Germania is equipped with the proper sensor harmonics. Of course, the harmonics are meant to match the frequency of the outer fringes...and the inside runs at a different frequency...hence the modifications do allow to enter the Nebula for an extended period of time for a visual and somewhat limited sensor search. The shuttles can also enter the Nebula, but any and all scanning will be on visual only as all else will be rendered nearly inoperable.
The sensors on the Germania are able to determine which of the ion trails are older than the others, and (due to the dispersal pattern and types of ions) the nature of the enemy...in this case it confirms what intelligence hinted: that the enemy is Orion. The strongest of the ion trails leads into the Nebula.

On the bridge of the GERMANIA: tr'Médus to bridge crew:
Plot a course! Follow the strongest ion trail! Report all changes in sensor indication. One fourth Impuls - Engage!
To Janus, leader of the shuttle formation: Shuttles keep close formation with the GERMANIA! Watch out for attacking ships! All sensor data witch are earned by the Germania are transfered to shuttles via RTDL (Romulan Tactical Data Link) immediatly. The Germania will serve as the "eyes" for the shuttles, as long as the ship remain in contact with them.

While slowly entering the Nebula, a small metal object is found. Roughly cylindrical in shape, perhaps something lost from a ship. It seems to be inactive...

tr'Médus: I am not interested in space junk. Let's move deeper into the nebula, we are looking for these Orions. Shuttles stay in contact, prepare to engage an Orion ship.
Brassciavillicus: We are waiting for orders. Ready to intercept any target. ... Pilots - Check your shields, weapons, and engines again.

The object explodes as the Germania and the Shuttles pass close by it. It was an explosive mine device with a remote detonator. But the Shuttles are alright, only the shielding on them isn't quite as strong.
Now Orion ships come streaking from two different directions.

Germania to Shuttles: Start evasive maneuvers! Attack Orions, heading towards us from starbord. Start enter maneuver, when possible, like preplanned.

tr'Médus to Germania-Crew: Load plasma torpedo tubes! Offensive course! Fire when ready!

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The Other Side

Barath watched the proceedings with mild amusement. The images of the happenings within the nebula were being piped to him via tightbeam from his ships within the nebula. Scematics and attack angles were superimposed on top of the images on the screen. True, the nebula was creating a great deal of distortion, but what he saw was interesting, very interesting. Not even his latest green-skinned favorite was this diverting.
This Romulan Commander was good. He had not wasted time by investigating his piece of "space-junk"; instead had only proceeded. This spoke for his determination and focus.
Time for another test. "Tightbeam to ships within the Nebula. Attack formation three. Pincher maneuver. Have them continue to approach from opposite directions, at varying angles. Full speed acceleration. Keep them guessing." He hoped to draw the shuttles’ fire with his own, and to make them waste shots. He wanted the larger ship for himself.

Flight Commander Bron received Barath’s latest message and cursed him for the audacity of his orders. Barath was pushing his patience. For now he would tolerate the orders, but not much longer. Signaling the other ship with a complex pattern of lights and pulses, he transmitted the order. They made their pass again, and as they closed, Bron fired upon one of the shuttles. The shuttle dodged so the shot only fired across the nose. Another shuttle fired back but only incinerated the ion trail of his ship. He turned his ship sharply and sped to what looked like a collision course with the offending ship, only to veer away at a closeness that he hoped was insulting to the pilot…

The End Of A Mission

The fighter cruises at starboard of the Germania.
"Brassciavillicus to other pilots, attack continuously one point of the shields to shut them down!"
It is very hard. The Orions defend themselves very good. But finally ... a few minutes later their shields fall ... And our own casualties are very low.

Brassciavillicus: "Start - diversion! Transportshuttle will dock without risk at the Orion Ship."

Right after docking, our troopers storm the Orion ship:
"Move, move!!!.... Search for Orion animal women .... Romulan prisoners ... and capture some Orion pirates if possible! ... Move!!! Move!!! Move!!!"
Shortly afterwards, the transporter is on its way back to the Germania, on board: three green-skinned females, six Romulan males and two Orion pirates.
SeniorDecurion Brassciavillicus and his attack force fire all their torpedos at the reactor of the Orion ship.
In the meantime the Germania did "take care" of the other two, smaller Orion ships.

After the shuttles did land: Orders from tr'Médus:
"Bring the Orions to the Security for interrogation - then get rid of them - the Romulans will be questioned by Senior Centurion Aquina Témak - the females are to be brought into the captain's quarters. ... Proceed."

"Germania to HeadQuarters, this is Commander tr'Médus. Mission in Dagr Vasud Nebula accomplished! Intelligence reports about Orion activities might have been correct. We found within the nebula wrecks and explosive devices of possibly Orion source. The explosive devices did minor damage to some of our shuttles. Nevertheless we didn't find any hint concerning the missing operatives. We are back to our standard patrol. Germania OUT."

Whisperings in Grasland:
"Have you heared that we had direct order from HQ, that we DO NOT take prisoners."- "Did we take prisoners???" ...."Haven't seen our Chief Medical Officer since the battle began."- "Well, she was here at the bar shortly before the event. I guess the Captain did even offer her a drink. Very unusual, as he isn't a Tal Shiar lover."-"Sh..t ..., I heared he's a Tal Shiar special agent, maybe even higher in rank than our medic. I can only say: trust no one."-"Who knows." ....

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