Design of the Germania

a picture of the GERMANIA (31.5 kB)

The vessel Germania is the prototype of a new spacecruiser (a warship), which has been developed after our spacecrafts meeting the Federation starship USS Enterprise 1701.

Worthwhile parts of the Warbird technology were successfully combined with more powerful engines (4 warp nacelles of Klingon origin). The ship is devided into two sections: the spearhead and the shaft. The famous T'Liss bird, which was shown on older warbird designs, can be found on the lower part of the spearhead.

Engin-room and Main Hangar Deck (with transporters and fighter shuttles) are located in the spear shaft. In the spear head you find the quarters of our 400 crewmembers, which are extraordinarily spacious (for Romulans). The higher ranking officers are accomodated in double or single rooms instead of the usual 8-Romulan-rooms.

A system of turbolifts enables us to move very fast from one end of the ship to the other. Our ship offers luxury not usual for a fleet ship: holo-rooms - only for training, sure !!(?) and a bar called Grasland for relaxing.
Last but not least, we have one of the best equipped medical stations, which makes us a good choice for rescue missions as well.

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