Crew of the Germania

Our vessel is designed for 400 crewmembers ( in 'reality' we are a group of about 10 people, not including world wide members of allied Romulan Fan groups ).

The Germania is commanded by Commander Ioánnis tr'Médus. First officer and treasurer is Senior Centurion Aquina Témak.

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Departments of the RSE Germania with 'real' personnel and crewlist:

Command Logo Command
Commander Ioánnis tr'Médus Jens MederCommanding Officer
Senior Centurion Aquina Témak Michaela B.First Officer and Treasurer Treas urer Logo
SeniorDecurion Nimoka Balar T'Ellyn Ulrike RöslerService Department ServiceDept. Logo
Princeps Mokona Sakurazuka Barbara L.Navigator / Helmsman
SeniorDecurion Tolok Frank K....

Medical Logo Medical Department
Decurion Secundus Aen t'Elstyr Veronique J.

Engineering Logo Engineering Department
Decurion Primus Lep're-kon Dartris tr'J-Gen Jürgen F.

Suiss Guard Logo 'Swiss Guard'
SeniorDecurion Témik Michael N."Captain" of the Swiss Guard

T'Lari Lara

- - - Peter Z.

Security Logo Security

History Logo Historical Department
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