The Germania - Our Romulan Fan Group

In 1995, the Germania was developed as part of a fan club of Romulans - the RSE Inc. (with headquarters in the United States). Sometime later we decided to take our own way to the stars. So it doesn't wonder that with the start of the year 2000 members of the Germania played a major role in founding a new Romulan fan club. Since than the Germania can be seen as part of the "TELAIN DERIDEX RIHANNSU".

The shortest summary of the aims of our fan club is: HAVE FUN .
We meet from time to time or write letters / e-mails. As it is impossible to play without some rules, a handbook has been developed in 1996, where the most important rules and regulations are listed. The preamble (in German) of our handbook is meant to further clarify the aims of our ship.

For quite some time (1995-2005) we've published a newsletter in German, the 'GERMANIA-ROMULANIA-Rundbriefe'. Here, all 'real' and fictious characters of our crew presented their opinions and their adventures. In some kind of roleplay we tried to give some background to our fictious characters and to the life aboard the Germania. Due to a lack of new articles this project ended in july 2005 with issue no.53. Anyway all newsletters which had been published since than are still available from the Commander of the GERMANIA.

Think of the Germania as a 'ship of the Romulan Fleet', but there is also plenty of room for members of the Tal Shi'ar or civilists (f.ex. tailors, nurses, barmaids, ...) - You see, there is no limit for your phantasy.

Germania standart (33kB)

If you are interested in participating in the Romulan path to the stars, or if you have been a fan of STAR TREK and the Romulans for a long time, and you are looking for others, you may contact our Commander Ioánnis tríMédus (Jens Meder, Weichselweg 9, 85241 Hebertshausen, Germany), please include IRCs. Naturally there is the possibility to send a subspace message.

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