Remember, this is a Romulan game. It doesn't make sense to expose your 'heart' to an opponent. Only foolish Klingons would do such a thing. Your first duty is to protect your 'heart' (king / goal).


S2. Wall (Blockader) in corner heart (king / goal) defense

Each piece, excepting the knight (flier) , must move through each space along the path of its movement. The power of the wall (blockader) to abr such movements allows one to make a fortress of the corner by placing the wall four spaces away from the corner. With this placement, the only piece that may threaten the heart (king / goal) is the knight.

Placing a pawn (vanguard) with heart allows it to move from danger. However this security is not absolute.
The knight moves in such a way as to threaten all spaces along one edge. This forces the pawn (carriing the heart) to move to the one unthreatened space available on the other edge.

The knight moves then to the opposite side of the board as well. The pawn's movement of one space will not allow it away from the spaces threatened by the knight.

To prevent that, a rook (lancer) instead of just a pawn could carry the heart. This opens the opportunity to change from one edge to the other as needed.

Another tactic could be to use a queen (fencer) within the wall's protection zone. The queen's ability to move prevents the knight from getting close enough to attack the corner space itself.
This strategy could protect the heart if other pieces were available to move instead of pawn, wall and queen. If not, on the next turn, either wall or queen would need to move, breaking the fortress.

A bishop (swift) in the wall's protection zone would protect the corner space and its adajcent space. This would give a pawn the ability to move, allowing the wall and the bishop to remain in place. Even two knights could move to threaten these two spaces, the pawn could still move forward and backward.

Of course no tactic without counter-tactic! Using the wall as a piece of attack can break a fortress. Placing the attack wall in the defense area of the bishop, establishes two protected spaces for the knights. The complete corner is now under attack of the knights. Even more if the heart is carried by a pawn, it will be captured in the next turn. The pawn cannot move with the heart into its own wall's protection zone. Again, a rook would be needed. And even than, the used-to-be safe corner would have to be left.


S3. Placement proposals


S3.1. Defense placement

As described in S2., the wall is in corner heart defense. The heart is carried by the rook. The bishop is in the wall's protection zone.

In this manner all pieces are protected by multiple pieces from various attack angles. .


S3.2. Aggressive placement

As protection zones of opposing walls cannot overlap, this placement might only be available to the first placement player, because only one wall can be placed in the center.

As the knights are the only pieces which can jump over other pieces, they are placed in the second row. The heart is carried by the pawn in back. The bishop and/or the queen might move during their first move into the wall's protection zone.

Nevertheless it is meant as an attack placement all pieces are protected at least by two other pieces. (But if both opponets place all knights on the front, there is no way to stop that the heart is captured on the first turn. Therefore it might be better to place the pawn 'with the heart' to one of the adjoining spaces.)


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