Since I saw and played Klin Zha for the first time, I imagined that this must be a game of Romulan origin. At that very time I planned to restore it to the original Romulan. This happened at a Qet’lop (Klingon festival) in Berlin,Germany in 2003. Unfortunately the plan didn’t become reality until 2007.

Even if you are familiar with Klin Zha - Klingon Chess - nevertheless the Romulans say: “You haven't experienced chess until you read the rules in original Romulan.”

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The FIDE Laws of Chess are the international rules covering chess (between two opponents on a squared board with 64 equal squares).
Today's FIDE Laws of Chess came into force on 1 July 2005, and were adopted at the 75th FIDE Congress at Calvia (Mallorca). The Caevra Rihannsu Rules also use pharses from elder versions.

The FIDE Laws of Chess (in English, as well as German) can be downloaded via my Chess-Link-Page .

Klin Zha (Klingon Chess) was first mentioned in the STAR TREK novel "The Final Reflection" (TFR) written by John M. Ford and published in May, 1984.
Leonard B. Loyd, Jr. (also known as Korath sutai-Ang'K'Tolax) made "rules for the game Klin Zha" in 1989.
In 1998, Kevin A. Geiselman (also known as Kordite sutai-Tasighor) started TAKZH to make sure that most people playing Klin Zha are aware of different variants and will have a site to refer to. His hope is that Klin Zha rules will reach a sort of universality.
I for my person cannot share this vision: If you look at people playing Chess in Europe or America, they all play pretty much the same based on the FIDE Laws of Chess. Anyway that is quite different from Chess played in China (Xiangqi) which is also different from Chess played in Japan (Shogi). And those two are elder than their brother, proclamated by the FIDE. (By the way the FIDE was founded in 1924, not even 100 years ago.)

So, here is another Chess Variant I hope at least some people will enjoy.

Last but not least, I like to thank all the friends of Chess Variants who have helped to improve the TOURNAMENT RULES, and continue to do so, by sending in letters. This is a living document, to be changed on an as-needed basis.

Questions and remarks concerning the rules are always welcome. Please don't hesitate to contact me:

Jens Meder
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In case of requests by "normal" mail, please insert a self-addressed envelope and enough international reply coupons. Thanks.

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