3D chess problems

In the meantime I developed different sets of problems for three-dimensional chess.
As examples I will list here three problems:

Problem 5 of Level 1

In a game there is the following situation:
White: QL1, KL1, Ke0KL1, Rd0KL1, Ba6N, Nb3W, Pawns: z1QL1, d1KL1, e1KL1
Black: QL6, KL6, Kd9KL6, Re9KL6, Nb6N, Nc7B, Pawns: z8QL6, d8KL6, e8KL6
Black is in check.
Which possibilities has Black to escape from check?
Can Black castle, yes or no?

Problem 3 of Level 2

White: QL1, KL1, Kd1KL1, Rb1W, Pawns: z1QL1, b2W, d2W, e1KL1 (6 pieces)
Black: QL6, KL5, Kd8B, Qa4N, Rc4N, Nb3W, Pawns: z8QL6, d3N, d7B, e4KL5 (8 pieces)
White believes to be able to get quality of material by playing a "fork".
What does White play?

Problem 4 of Level 2

Continuation of Problem 3 (of Level 2).
Black is smarter and checkmates White in two moves.


To know if you found the correct solutions or not, contact Jens Meder; Weichselweg 9; 85241 Hebertshausen; GERMANY jens.meder@gmx.de.

Also there you can get the first set of three-dimensional chess problems (level 1). Higher levels are to be send to those who did pass the lower levels.

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Last Revision 19.OCT.2005