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This site presents a variety of different 3D-chess sets. If you click on the small images you will get bigger ones.

Michael Klein; 1992
48cm t x 18cm w x 36cm d


Malte Schreiber; 1996
"home-made" of wood
48cm t x 18cm w x 36cm d
Michael Klein; 1995
45cm t x 18cm w x 36cm d
Jens Meder; 1993
48cm t x 18cm w x 36cm d
Boelter-Design; 1994
prize: 495.-GermanMarks
55cm t x 48cm w x 25cm d
Jens Meder; 2000
home-made travel chess set
12,5cm t x 9cm w x 15cm d
Franklin Mint GmbH; 1994
"Classic Version"
prize: 495.-GermanMarks
or in the US 195.-US$
33,6cm t x 15,5cm w x 26cm d
Jens Meder; 2000
39cm t x 23cm w x 39cm d

Franklin Mint GmbH; 1999
"TNG Version"
prize: 295.-US$
33,7cm t x 15,6cm w x 26cm d
replica of the "original chess set"
approx. 55cm t x 45cm w x 25cm d
Michael Jung; 2001
Levels made of macrolon,
squares of high-grade steel and brass
50cm t x 30cm w x 50cm d



Jens Abraham; 2002
following the manufacture guide
by Peter Zumstein
60cm t x 25cm w x 45cm d



Franz Wurmser; 1987
50cm t x 20cm w x 40cm d



Franz Wurmser; 1988
50cm t x 20cm w x 40cm d



Stefan Gick; 2005
50cm t x 25cm w x 50cm d



Alexander Sommerer; 1999
50cm t x 35cm w x 60cm d



Nils Friedrich & Sandra Borgmann; 2002
59cm t x 26cm w x 55cm d



John Carella; 2006
51cm t x 20cm w x 28cm d



Gil Caspi; 2007
with immovable "attack boards"
44cm t x 23cm w x 45cm d



Gernot Mende; 2007
"home-made and self-designed"
74cm t x 40cm w x 40cm d



Richard Boozel; 2009
41cm t x 21cm w x 41cm d



Jeff Burhans; 2005
66cm t x 19cm w x 38cm d



Tobias Weber; 2013
47cm t x 30cm w x 44cm d



Carsten Kullik; 2012
self-designed with Lego
24cm t x 6cm w x 9cm d



Lukas Gehlmann; 2011



Thorsten Pfeilsticker; 2011
51cm t x 18cm w x 36cm d



Steve Gruner; 2014
50cm t x 24cm w x 41cm d



Thorsten Pfeilsticker; 2015
54cm t x 27,5cm w x 46,5cm d




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