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Stardate 9807.45

Just a few hours ago, I left Octagon station to take up my new employment at the famous RSE Germania. It is a great honor to me that especially I was chosen to work on this ship.

Stardate 9807.47

Today I saw my place of work for the first time. A wonderful place! Really, "Grasland" is the right name for this bar. I've never seen a bar with so many plants before, like a jungle. I will love working in these surroundings.
My superior is a certain Nimoka Balar, Senior Decurion. She seems to be a very calm woman, but also unapproachable. I'm not sure, what I shall think of her.
Maybe I should wait, until I know her better...

Stardate 9807.55

A few days are gone, since I started my work.
My main job is to care for the well-being of the crew in their free time. Indeed, there is considerably more than just taking orders or serving drinks. It's a bit like a psychologist's work. It's my opinion that the most important thing is listening to my guests. You should always listen very carefully to that what people are talking, so they believe you are interested in their problems.
But this is not the only reason, why you should always listen very well. It can also be advantageous if you prick up your ears for informations, which aren't necessarily meant for you. You never know, for what purpose the information could be used some day!

In the last days I made a very interesting observation. Like every day, the captain of this ship, Subcommander tr'Médus was sitting at the bar and had "some" drinks.
Then I suddenly saw Nimoka Balar staring at him. What a look! It showed to me, that she's in love with the captain. But it seems to be a one-sided love. Tr'Médus always overlooks her, as if she would not be existing. Instead, he flirts with every other female crewman (including me). Poor Nimoka!

By the way, the captain also spends a lot of time with his first officer, Aquina Témak (a very unusual woman!) It seems to be a special kind of relationship between them, although I would describe it as platonic. Like good old friends, who like drinking and having fun together.

Aquina is having a special kind of beauty, with a bit of an arrogant touch, but exactly that gives her a noble appearance.
Aquina...what a wonderful name. It sounds like fresh, clear water...
Oh, I'm getting off the subject. But now it' s time to stop this entry anyway.

Stardate 9808.50

Recently I overheard a dialog between the captain and Aquina Témak in the bar. Unfortunately, I couldn't understand everthing, because at this evening, "Grasland" was totally overcrowded with drunken and noisy crew-members (I wonder, how much the people on this ship can drink?). The captain and Aquina weren't particulary sober, either. But as far as I could hear, their dialog seemed to be about the next mission. First they were talking about missing Romulans, but then the captain must have said something that outraged Aquina. Their discussion grew more and more intense and Aquina became more and more indignant. I picked up something about "green slaves", what ever that means.
But I remember exactly some words Aquina said (or better: mumbled): "Ioánnis, you know, you're the only real friend to me on the Germania. The only one I can trust, indeed. But sometimes I think you are really, really egoistical and unjust. What about me? Do I have no rights?"
After these words, she took a long drink from her glass, which was full of met.
Tr'Médus did so, too. Then he said: "Okay, okay Aquina, calm down. You shall get what you want. After all, you are my number one. - ? - In command, of course. - Come, let us take another drink!" He raised his glass, "Llawa!"
"Llawa!" Aquina answered, and I noticed a satisfied smile spreading over her face.

What the hell had they been talking about? What does Aquina want? The conversation between her and the captain made me really curious. I have to find out, what's going on here!

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