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If you need a banner to link this pages, here you will find it. 3D-Chess-Homepage by Michael Klein, Sister-Page of this site (in German & English)

3D-Chess-Homepage by Douglas M. Keenan
Attention: This site includes a 3D-chess program called PARMEN. You can play against each other as well as against a computer opponent.
PARMEN offers different rule sets: One is alike the 'Standard Rules by Andrew Bartmess', the other one is based on the 'TOURNAMENT RULES'. The work is on going to implement all regulations of the 'TOURNAMENT RULES', about 99% are allready implemented.

3D-Chess-Homepage by Mauro Persano
Attention: This site includes a 3D-chess LINUX and/or WINDOWS program called VULCAN. The program is based on the 'TOURNAMENT RULES'. Nevertheless the implementation is at a lower state than in PARMEN.


The FIDE Laws of Chess


Triangle-Chess for two or three persons

Information about Links (in German)

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